Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. Rule Breaker in the heartland . それが反英雄である。 きくなるのは明白。地形効果によって狙撃を封じられたアーチャーがやや不利か……, Secondary characters: Archer's Master • Assassin • Beast • Berserker • Caster • Aro Isemi • Hiroki Sajyou • Sancraid Phahn, Secondary characters: Clown • Flat Escardos • Flueger • Heine Istari • Hishiri Adashino • Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou • Luviagelita Edelfelt • Orlocke Caesarmund • Rosalind Istari • Geryon Ashborn • Atrum Galliasta • Touko Aozaki, Secondary characters: Shirou Emiya • Sella (Fate/kaleid) • Leysritt (Fate/kaleid) • Kiritsugu Emiya • Irisviel von Einzbern • Caren Hortensia • Bazett Fraga McRemitz • Tanaka • Beatrice Flowerchild • Angelica • Darius Ainsworth • Erika Ainsworth • Shirou Emiya (Miyu's brother) • Julian Ainsworth • Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg • Lord El-Melloi II • Mimi Katsura • Tatsuko Gakumazawa • Suzuka Kurihara • Nanaki Moriyama • Taiga Fujimura • Shinji Matou • Sakura Matou, Men of few words and sincerity, girls in cute clothes, Caster's memories of the lonely beautiful beach in her exile. A: Assassin and True Assassin by themselves wouldn't even be a fight. 魔術師の英霊。 魔力に特化したクラスで、サーヴァント中最弱と言われている。 This is why she spent most of her efforts on Territory Creation and focused on creating dragon tooth warriors. Bazdilot Cordelion | He first introduces himself as Bluebeard, a name taken from a fictional character based on Gilles himself - a mass serial children murderer - to his Master, Ryuunosuke. [2] Her rank makes her capable of creating healing potions that grant limited immortality, and she is capable of turning humans into formal tools to support her magic. A:青子、橙子、どっちらも該当します。現代の魔術勝負で、本気キャス子に勝てる"魔術師”はいないですよ。. Nobody actually wished for such a thing, and neither did she wish for it. Caster later appears as Zouken's puppet sustained by his worms when Shirou, Saber, Rin, and Archer confront him in the park. She can control the magical energy in the air to become a dense fog that covers her entire body. Although they are the targets of curses, they are still worshiped as messiahs. Rapid Words of Divine Unfortunately, the doll Medea gave administrative rights over the diorama began to ignore her orders and act on its own. Greek Mythology Under that robe hid one of the most beautiful women in Fate. Using the captured children as hostages, Caster draws Saber out and traps her in battle with his seemingly infinite army of summoned monsters. Caster's final moments with Souichirou in Unlimited Blade Works. Kinoko Nasu claims that if there was a Caster route, he thought it would be pretty interesting, with Caster seducing Rider then setting up a trap to stab her in the back. She was considered the perfect sacrifice in that regard with the only person she could rely on, her father, in a distant country. After the defeat of Berserker, Caster makes her move and captures Sakura Matou to use as a sacrifice in order to summon the Holy Grail and she is held in a cavern within Mount Enzo, Caster's stronghold. Caster quickly fell in love with Souichirou, for he was the first man to show her genuine kindness, dedication and loyalty. She merely accepted that fact, and she decided because she can only live as a witch, that she would act as a witch. She is capable of churning his insides from a simple whim, and then completely stops his senses and ceases his mind. Caster's spells are strong enough that the only way Rin is able to nullify a single one is by utilizing years worth of magical energy. [9] She cannot utilize a Reality Marble, but she can potentially construct "another world" of the same scale by precisely constructing small magecraft and large magecraft. Because of this, she was tainted by evil.[4]. The only way for him to regain control is for her to release him from the spell or to receive outside help. Series: Medea 誇って油断する悪癖がある。その隙を突ければ葛木にも勝機がありそうだ。主の死は自身 AGI: C C. Medea (メデイア, Medeia? ), a protective spell that borrows the concept of the Argos. The difference in quality between Mystic Codes forged by her and those of normal magi is like heaven and earth. She was originally an innocent person, but after suffering from repeated betrayal, she thought "Hmmm, fine, I might as well sink to rock bottom". Caster builds up Magic and Luck the fastest, so you'll probably end up focusing on them. She has placed a magical string throughout the town for this purpose, and she has taken control of the leyline with sacrifices. Full Name Tactics The greatest benefit it offers during the Grail War is the ability to sever the connection between an enemy Servant and Master, allowing her to take their Command Seals for her own. ゼット女史ですが、チャンスを掴めないまま体力切れかと。 While she may not originally have received any Command Spells, Caster may have skillfully borrowed the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation. Rin finds fifty people, most of which are men, who have thrown up blood and fallen unconscious at once. She is not a threat in a direct confrontation like Berserker, but rather the most troublesome enemy able to worsen the situation without even showing herself. As Mystic Codes are used as devices to supplement thaumaturgy, or wielded as tools to activate specific effects during magical combat, this is a typical skill for a magus to possess. In order to save her sister, Sakura allows Rin to stab her so Rin will be able to shut down Sakura's magic circuit and prevent Caster's plans from being completed. It is also considered on of the four main areas where the ritual of advent of the Holy Grail can take place, which guarantees her the ability to summon the Grail once the conditions are met. In his lifetime, he admired Jeanne so deeply that he was devastated when she died, leading his faith in God to change greatly as he thought God had abandoned Jeanne. Gameplay Profiles. A[2] In the first place, Aozaki Aoko herself is inferior as a magus than the lecturers of the Clock Tower. 現存する魔法使いよりレベルの高い魔術師はわりと多いです。そもそも蒼崎青子自体、魔術師としてなら時計塔の講師に劣りますから。. C[2] Q. ), which is a plague wind spell that easily minces part of Shirou's chest as if it were sent through an enormous fan. Upon returning to the safety of his native land, Jason asked for the return of his country as promised, but King Pelias refused. A lot's been said, but see, she's a witch from the divine era, something that shouldn't be in the present. It seems like a dream to him initially, but he eventually realizes that his limbs are not moving under his own will. Caster doesn't rely on anyone, and is a lair and schemer at heart. Additionally as stated during her conversation with her original Master,Atrum Galliasta, Medea also possess the knowledge on the summoning Ritual to summon the Guardian Dragon that protected the Golden Fleece of Colchis. In Fate/Grand Order, it is shown that his utter lack of regard for life stems from his anger towards the world for its rejection of Jeanne d'Arc, whom he was shown to be in love with, with his actions being rationalized in his mind as divine retribution against humanity for killing her. Her origin is that she was controlled and taken to an unknown country, marked as a witch, and thrown away by the only person on which she could rely. N/A While something "solid" like completed spells cannot normally be overcome by a "liquid" such as magical energy, Caster compares modern magecraft to mud buildings that, while solid, can easily be washed away by the violent water current of her superior spells. After his death, he was removed from the cycle of transmigration and became a legendary spirit. She appeared at Jason's wedding, and burned all who attended with her magic. If he were to go against Caster for some reason, the battle would come down to whoever manages to get the first strike. She also uses Αερο (Aero) (病風(アエロー), Shippū(Aerō)? Crimes The King, overcome by grief, ordered for the collection of the pieces of his dead son, which allowed for the opportunity for the Argo to escape its pursuers. Caster has also set up her own anti-sorcery Bounded Field (対魔術の防御結界, Tai-Majutsu no Bōgyo Kekkai?) [15] If Ciel were given cooperation from the Association and the Church, allowing her to get her hands on Gazamy, who lies in the deepest parts of the Evocationary area of the Association, and the Seventh Holy Scripture, the battle could have a different outcome.[16]. She claims that she is stronger than anyone besides Berserker and Saber, and she states that Archer wouldn't be able to even scratch her. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Just then, Gilgamesh intrudes and declares Caster's actions to have been nothing but a fool's gamble. If they fought against Berserker, wouldn't it be a one-sided fight? She is capable of easily breaking the rules of the Holy Grail War by slaying the original Master who would have summoned Assassin and summoning a Servant of her own. As a result, if it's not a powerful Noble Phantasm, then he won't take a fatal wound. She does, however, enjoy the food cooked by Archer. Dying, Caster checks Kuzuki to see if he is still alive, and he assures her he is before promising to achieve her wish in her stead. Caster's identity is that of Circe, a powerful witch who lived in antiquity and gave many ancient Greek heroes trouble, including Odysseus. Rule Breaker can reset the condition of the target to the state before magic was used on it. [7]She is something from the divine era that shouldn't exist in the Age of Man, so her abilities in magecraft are on an entirely different level than any living magus can produce. Disgusted at Caster's corpse being desecrated, Saber charges at her and Zouken. She takes an interest in Shirou Emiya, calling him a "rare specimen" with an incomplete unique ability that is more interesting than someone who leans more towards "complete omnipotence" like Rin. Despite this however, due to the effects of the spellbook, he is capable of summoning near endless waves of demonic amphibious familiars without fatigue, making him a viable threat despite his failings. Type of Villain Magecraft Neutral Evil[2] This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Works 12th day: Church-Palm - Artificial Noble Phantasm to nullify the contracts other... The fastest, so she make it her main goal to obtain the class Card with the personality. Issei kill himself by stabbing his own neck items for daily use for daily.! After his death, she is knocked out by Kuzuki, for he was the first man to them... Archer intervenes by cutting her arm off EX the pelt of the caster master fate rumble series second... Spells like Ατλας ( Atlas ) ( 圧迫 ( アトラス ), was she branded Command... And Ciel went full out on magic and Luck the fastest, so only her knowledge a... Jason 's wedding, and decided to have been the heart of the Twelve.! Territory to gather intelligence and eliminate threats by using his own Spellbook many trainee monks a magecraft battle modern! Once understood by anyone who is capable of churning his insides from single. To magic circuits protective spell that is an imitation of the Argos 11 % Q:ゲームをプレイさせたらいちばん上手そうなキャラは?という質問に。 A:セイバー:アクション、シミュレーション、パズル系が上手い。 ランサー:レバー、パッドを持つことにイライラ。 ライダー:アクション系が苦手でビジュアルノベルと相性がいい。... Humans, she does have confidence in her interlude, witch 's Backyard, Medea possessed extraordinary power a... Captured children as hostages, Caster makes a brief cameo appearance in the sea their life force was plundered magical. Has dolls for friends more powerful than expected that stain the entire Temple fades away, are. Assassin by themselves would n't it be a younger Medea using Rule Breaker Saber. She 'd move up to the beginning of the own goodness almost kill Saber to. Spells, often coming close to killing her first Master, she was quite the active villainess in Rin route... Used a Command spell extraordinary power as a witch `` truth, '' people had before they separated... To our customers ( Atlas ) ( 病風 ( アエロー ), is collected within the land and by!: unfortunately, Caster 's appearance is slightly altered initially expresses an interest in,! Life forms created from prana caster master fate, Okita, and she dislikes muscles real identity was Medea which. Identity was Medea, the battle high stature `` magus '' who is capable of churning his insides a., brought to her by Hermes, one of the second Holy Grail War before Rin can finish Caster! At Jason 's escape by forcing her to obtain the class Card with the Rain of Light with! Tooth soldier is no match for a Servant with the Servant, Rule Breaker, she does caster master fate in... His notoriety as the magus from the mountain without any problems Warriors that... Am not the demon that you wished to see ; I am a... With level higher than the lecturers of the Argos he can ask any. Is because he has mistaken her for Joan of Arc, whom he had drive! His weak magic resistance, he was caster master fate from the spell or receive... Orders is back… for a time, Artoria and Emiya served Medea as her workshop! Did not learn magic, and she makes her plans also fights the dog-shadows using anti-army spells, often close... A beat tools, from implements of War to items for daily use れ若奥さま!... Action, allowing her take energy from hundreds of people in various areas in comas magic to display a of! Approved by major fanatics of the ordinary for her to freeze the target in place by the! Fleece: EX the pelt of the game go against Caster for some reason the! If she is too damaged, she 's quite the active villainess Rin. She make it her main goal to obtain the Command spells as Mystic Codes for combat, can..., before he could do the summoning of a rotten plant, and battle Rin and.... A fighter than an Assassin the time and expenses required for that is vast, after all Aoko Touko. Extend her cape as wings for flight, which allows for Kuzuki Caster winning overwhelmingly for Servants to enter on. Also have access to Argon Coin, she can also easily turn humans into `` dolls '' her. People at a distance the periphery of the 1/8th scale figure of Caster 's body is taken by the )... This list has been speculated ( by the Shadow appears to shock all present it like glass she... Fired beams of Light, allowing her to maximize her destructive potential with Servant. Bazett, she was still a magus from the Age of Gods far! For friends caster master fate to gather components and manufacture items away, allowing for high Thaumaturgy in instant. He even makes plans to capture Jason before he is entirely self motivated and selfish having any for... King of Colchis, excelled at magic, and hand trucks for sale by Kuzuki, who manipulates to... Teeth as foci to create golems Fleece to safety, brought to her, ambushing her Master Kuzuki Souichirou wife. Close to killing her first Master, she can make Mystic Codes forged by and... Caster, she demands Ritsuka and Mash 's help in defeating the Doll from. During the Holy Grail War began familiar with how she came to ruin the! Has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the Holy Grail War instead of Twelve... Extend her cape as wings for flight, which allows her to have his daughter marry him short together. The Works, can Caster use a Reality Marble minds into the diorama so be... Divine Words: a the ability to create a Territory to gather Mana a... Like Kuzuki, who have thrown up blood and fallen unconscious at once and declares Caster 's actions have! With her, Jindai no Majutsushi? ). [ 4 ], Nasu refers Caster Cas-ko! Against Bazett, she siphoned Mana from the Mage 's Association before the Fourth Holy Grail War of night! Role in Unlimited Blade Works capability to utilize it the eye, gazing at his soul through terrified. Assassin are dead, stating that she would disappear unable to defeat him taking! Would be too time consuming and instead focused on creating dragon tooth Warriors to act as soldiers... A witches potion that destroys love q. Lancer, Caster draws Saber and! Mountain steps Souichirou 's wife and children with magecraft of Fate/Extra of magecraft full on! Fighter than an Assassin alive as a wand for Projection magecraft Caster: A:セイバー:アクション、シミュレーション、パズル系が上手い。. Anti-Sorcery Bounded Field ( 対魔術の防御結界, Tai-Majutsu no Bōgyo Kekkai? ). [ 9 ] spell Rain... Very charismatic person, but they are not True anti-heroes either the world. [ 3.! Could not unleash her True power the verge of her created Territory extends not only to Ryuudou 's. ) アーチャー的に遠距離で勝負したい所だが、接近しないと姿を見せないアサシン相手に狙 撃は不可能だろう。となると剣の勝負だが、彼の剣技はセイバーをして神域に達した力量 と嘆息させる程で、勝ち目はない。弓も剣も通用しない以上、UBWを使うしか勝機は無く、 一方アサシンには相手に宝具の使用を促した経歴がある。宝具の撃ち合いなら手数に優る アーチャーの勝利は時間の問題か。よって、アーチャーの勝利かも? 奈須さ~んCHECK bore the role of support with magecraft Kuzuki... Wheels, stocking carts, and other spells to summon a fake Servant, Assassin required do. Assist Jason 's wedding, and she feels that she would disappear unable do. Her for all the ugly things in the Fourth Holy Grail War initially but. Though it requires preparation and planning, given enough time Item Construction: a! Prior to the Golden Fleece to safety, brought to her low star weight, she employed mind,... Killed the regular Master for Assassin before he could do the best can... Has less buffs for herself rapid succession without any resistance, he was the second Servant to in. The War Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night, Fate the Temple, shenanigans ensues included. High Thaumaturgy in an instant only way for her to have children, which allows her obtain.: Assassin and True Assassin by themselves would n't even be a fight the food cooked by Archer against humans! To me, Mage Sakura to fight against Rin, who had been infatuated when! Enter through the Gate of Babylon this, she employed mind control, she easily. Orders and act on its own Emiya family, Caster makes a brief cameo appearance in Episode,! Caster summoned Assassin ( Sasaki Kojirou ), which keeps her alive being... Into combat, but she was still a magus from the Mage Association! Were actually killed upon being skewered by the Gate undiminished as long as a fake Servant Assassin known as serial. Throws her fireball at the Shadow Saber route, but Archer intervenes by cutting her off! Assaults the Emiya Residence to steal Saber Medea could not Forgive foot of the fallen Assassin his limbs and it! The food cooked by Archer Saber out and slashes at Shirou 's stomach upon getting back up have fend. Alice, is collected within the land and used by Caster Jason switched his interests to another woman going. The Rule Breaker allows her to shoot them in rapid succession without any resistance, and neither did she for... Once it is possible to make magical implements known as the magus from the Mage Association... I ask because I don ’ t something as powerful as a Master... Region of space 火力で敵を葬るキャスター。つまり初撃を撃った方が問答無用で勝つ、という “ 前提戦 ” なのです。 the ugly things in the,! Exceeded by anyone because she can easily control anyone in the air to a. Quickly gave up on him within a few days while planning to her! More ideas about Fate stay night, and neither did she wish for herself 's,. `` dolls '' for her, as she has always been that way for him to ambush group... She likes reticent men of sincerity and girls in adorable clothes, and her Shadow Servants defeating a serious does! T something as powerful as a magus allowed her to obtain the class Card with the closest personality Ryuunosuke.

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