So I'll give it back to Jose for the Tims China question. Great. What is your intention to drive business that way? 7 spot on last year's Nation's Restaurant News' Top 200, passing Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Subway. International system-wide sales grew approximately 18%, with 6.5% comparable stores sales growth and close to 10% unit expansion. Given all of this, we do not believe our Q1 comparable sales accurately reflect the underlying strength of the Tims business in Canada. Before discussing capital allocation, we thought it would be helpful to point out three relevant considerations impacting our financial results this year, which are unrelated to underlying business and operational performance. As a result of the organizational changes we announced in Q1, there was an increase in our stock-based compensation, which primarily reflects the issuance of new grants designed to strongly align management with shareholder interest based on long-term growth targets. In Q1, we grew comparable sales 0.6% positive globally and 0.4% positive in the US. The Tims team is working on new plans to drive a successful reboot of the program next year, including seamless digital integration. Maybe help us just frame 2019, please. Market value per share (ZARc) - at period-end. Andrew Michael Charles -- Cowen and Company -- Analyst. Where we didn't do so well, as I mentioned earlier is, we didn't have a great launch to the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Thanks for the question. Growth in our top-line resulted in adjusted EBITDA of $41 million, which was up over 6% organically year-over-year. Notwithstanding these factors, we saw continued strength in the core initiatives I mentioned earlier that are tied to the Winning Together. In May 2019, Burger King announced something a bit ... "Closing low-volume restaurants creates a virtual cycle of improved profitability." Thanks, Chris, and good morning, everyone. So we do see a bit higher frequency from some of those guests. Please go ahead. Burger King's burger stayed $0.99 for a few years. And finally, as we've previously discussed, we have historically managed interest rate risk through the use of floating to fixed interest rate swaps. Excluding this impact, our organic adjusted EBITDA growth at Tim Hortons would have been approximately 3%. Thanks for the question. Annual and quarterly financial reports, income statements and balance sheets for Burger King India Ltd (BURGERKING) on MSN Money. And I think it's really exciting for us to be able to look at the business in a new way, understand how people interact with our brands better. Average P/E ratio for period. Hey, Jeremy. Soon you’ll be able to Google, order and pay Dec 18, 2020 Tim Mullany named CFO, EVP of Jack in the Box Inc. Dec … I would like to turn the conference back over to Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International. Thanks for the question. Finally, before I turn it over to Matt, I wanted to share with everyone how excited we are about our first ever Investor Day coming up in just a few weeks in New York City. Thanks for the question. 237. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites. Please go ahead. We have a solid pipeline for each of the brands in our home markets. The combined headwind from unfavorable foreign exchange rate movements and the year-over-year change in our tax rate accounted for approximately $0.17 of this change. In 2019, Burger King released an "Impossible Whopper" burger, a vegetarian burger using a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods. A paid subscription is required for full access. Thank you. Hi, Dennis. Finally, at Popeyes, systemwide sales growth for the first quarter was just under 7%, driven by net restaurant growth of approximately 6.5% and comparable sales of 0.6%. New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook So, I think it's all very exciting and we look forward to sharing much more about it with the rest of our investors and analysts in a couple of weeks here. John Stephenson Glass -- Morgan Stanley -- Analyst. (Operator Instructions) Today's first question comes from Nicole Miller of Piper Jaffray. Available to download in PNG, PDF, XLS format, Access to this and all other statistics on 80,000 topics from. Matt Cardy/Getty Images. Please go ahead. Instead, a Dutch company called The Vegetarian Butcher will supply the new soy-based Rebel Whopper. Just on your question around TI, I think couple of important things to call out, one is, seasonal timing. Apr. And so we're going to approach the business, as we have in the past, with a long-term view of having a balanced approach with good core offerings, premium offerings that really drive excitement among those that want to indulge, and then, we have value offerings that are going to be for the everyday use. We have -- we feel good about our openings plan/. The operator has set the rent at 8.5% of projected sales. Search. Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts. And our next question today comes from Gregory Francfort of Bank of America. Thank you. Get detailed Burger King India Ltd. stock price news and analysis, Dividend, Bonus Issue, Quarterly results information, and more. And with that, I'd like to hand it over to Matt to take us through the financial results. Burger King Average sales per unit in thousands $1,387.81 U.S. systemwide sales in millions $10,028.32 Company stores 50 Franchised stores 7,196 Unit count 7,266 7. Find flavors you like. We're committed to growing our breakfast daypart long term and we believe our new BK Cafe platform will provide a solid foundation to help drive guest count and sales growth in this important daypart going forward. Our data continues to show that delivery is driving incremental tickets by making our great products more accessible to a wider range of guests and we see that orders through this channel tend to have a significantly higher average check. And our next question comes from John Zamparo of CIBC. We also took a close look at what food offerings we should be delivering to our guests there in order to make it relevant for the Chinese consumer, while at the same time maintaining kind of the principles and the fundamentals of the Tim Hortons brand. And I think, to your point on frequency, what we've seen so far, at least, is that, it seems like a lot of our bigger fans tend to want to engage with us on the mobile app. Yes. I think that's something that's really special. For example, our Breakfast Anytime platform has been a success in all of our day parts, including our lunch business, where we've seen increased sales and traffic tied to this powerful sales platform. Burger King saw strength outside of the United States. First of, my question, I just wanted to get your thoughts on what we're seeing in terms of delivery traffic as potentially just shifting some of business between daypart, such as to say, breakfast seems broadly weak in the industry and yet, dinner is getting better, I think because it benefits from delivery. Figures for Wendy's and Jack in the Box include a small amount of international locations. Expansion recognizes growth—increase in sales, unit count and average unit volume over the prior year and tracking into the current year. Going forward, this will result in a quarterly increase to interest expense of approximately $4.3 million through the end of Q1 next year. Thanks. On the technology side, we continue to make good progress on initiatives like delivery, kiosks, our mobile app and outdoor digital menu boards. Thanks, Sara. So, are you seeing any evidence that perhaps you're just seeing some of your traffic shift among dayparts, either breakfast and lunch and into dinner, something along those lines? Statista. Burger King is all about delivering flame-grilling excellence to our guests and this product fits that right in the sweet spot. 296. You seemed to have pulled back decently on the level of discounting in the business in the US in particular. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. We have a really strong pipeline and we continue to move forward with that program this year and are excited for the outlook of reimaging the system across Canada. You'll have an opportunity to hear from a broad range of our senior leaders, who are running our business around the world and we'll share important insights and the key drivers of comparable sales growth, opportunity for sustained and new unit growth globally and the unique competitive differentiators for us, including our master franchise relationships around the world. Please go ahead, sir. We've seen a very good start. I think there was a sense earlier this year that the promotional activity was reaching this apex and it seems like we've seen that deceleration to Greg's and Will's question, but what has that done to your price motivated traffic, are you comfortable with your marketing balance right now? Thanks, Jose. It's Josh. Chick-fil-A moved up from the No. Leading quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in the United States in 2019, by sales per unit (in million U.S. dollars) [Graph]. I think to your point, I do believe we're early in our experience with the mobile app, but we're really excited with the success that we've had so far. Burger King - number of restaurants in the EMEA region from 2012 to 2013, by country Average restaurant sales of Burger King 2012 Number of Burger King … Burger King breakfast is 15% of sales. He was appointed to the role in February 2019 and. Now, let's discuss our cash generation and capital allocation for the quarter. The Future of Foodservice. Zaxby’s — $2,026,722 – 2014 average gross revenues of restaurants by fiscal year. We had two restaurants open as of the end of Q1 and we are very pleased with the initial performance. And our next today comes from John Glass of Morgan Stanley. So, I think we'll look to expand those. Well, I would say that we have seen that the delivery -- kind of our delivery orders will over index a little bit toward later in the day or kind of dinner daypart. At Burger King, we grew systemwide sales by more than 8%, driven by continued momentum in net restaurant growth of nearly 6% and comparable sales of over 2%. 2016 average, median, high, and low gross sales for franchised traditional Modern and Legacy Image Burger King restaurants that were open for the full 12 months ended December 31, 2016 (separately stated) Section I – Background Information 14 Things You Need to Know About the Burger King Franchise. Growth in our top-line resulted in Q1 Burger King adjusted EBITDA of $222 million, representing a year-over-year organic increase of nearly 10%. The actual franchise fee may vary with the length of the franchise term. Nifty 13,749.25 148.15. As soon as this statistic is updated, you will immediately be notified via e-mail. I'm going to have Josh answer that. At the segment level, Tim Hortons' first quarter adjusted EBITDA was $237 million, which represents a 1.1% organic increase year-over-year. These payments and receipts are structured as pass-through in our lease contracts and on a net basis, there is no impact of this change to our financial results. Though the company is … The average trading volume was roughly four million shares. Brands 2012-2019, Franchise and license fees and income of YUM! Impossible Foods has been struggling since April to meet demand from customers, including big chains like White Castle and Burger King. The impact was approximately $2 million in additional amortization expense for the first quarter and we expect an impact of approximately $10 million for the full year. We look forward to updating you soon and we'll see you all on May 15th, at our Investor Day. Benchmarks . Please go ahead. I hate using weather as an excuse, but given the nature of our high traffic and frequency business in Canada and the severity of the weather impact we experienced in the first quarter, we felt it was necessary to disclose in order to provide a more accurate picture of our underlying sales performance . So the mix of openings and closures that we saw in Q1 in the US, I think, overall is positive for the business because it helps address franchise profitability, which is one of the things we're obsessed with. Burger King Blink Charging To Deploy EV Charging Stations Across Northeast Burger King LocationsMiami Beach, FL, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blink Charging Co. … In, QSR magazine. I'm just wondering if you can provide any color on that and how management thinks about responding to something like that in terms of better battling back from a influx of competition? I think we've seen in our business, starting in international markets, but increasingly in the US, the growth of this new sales channel. It has tremendous awareness in Canada, our guests in Canada love that program, it connects well with them, and so, we think there's an opportunity to integrate this with digital and continue to evolve the program to meet the expectations of our guests and of our franchise and restaurant owners in the business. US Restaurants Coverage. We still believe the 33-year-old Roll Up the Rim program is a valuable and iconic platform for Tims, it has very high awareness. Burger King saw strength outside of the United States. These impacts were partially offset by the positive year-over-year growth in our organic adjusted EBITDA. Throughout 2018, we introduced a number of building blocks designed to drive long-term sustainable sales growth. And our next question today comes from Jeremy Scott of Mizuho. It's really difficult to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the original offer. So we're excited about the plans we have. And good morning, everyone. (Operator Instructions) Please also note this event is being recorded. I think is going to make us much smarter about the business and enable us to provide a better experience to our guests. Thanks for the question. The second part is, what date are you getting? 1. Just wanted to ask, of course, you mentioned the competitive environment in Canada getting a bit more intense. Reconciliations of non-GAAP financial measures are included in the press release available on our website. You can only download this statistic as a Premium user. This quarter's free cash flow include seasonal timing of working capital outflows, such as gift card redemptions driven by the holiday season in the fourth quarter. We look forward to building our base of guests on the loyalty program over the balance of this year and believe this platform will be a valuable asset that allows us to evolve the brand and drive even more innovation over the coming years. So the first quarter tends to be a lighter quarter for us. Detailed nutritional values of BURGER KING, Hamburger. A lackluster sales plan is unlikely to drive a sustainable SSS inflection. Good morning, My question is on the Burger King unit growth. The guests are interacting with the brand the way we expected on beverage and also on the food side. Accessed December 28, 2020., QSR magazine. Thanks for the question. Figures have been rounded. Good afternoon, guys. It's a great product, but it didn't have the connection to the guest as we were expecting. However, two-year trends at start 2Q were still a little below the level we experienced in 4Q '18, despite an impressive 20% of the Canadian population signing up for the loyalty program in a very short period of time. I am going to have Josh answer the question on delivery and then, I'll take the one for Tims China. Dollars). As we've said many times in the past, I think our business grows here in the US and internationally when we have a balanced offering, good core offerings featuring the Whopper and our amazing chicken sandwiches and other core offerings, with a focus also on premium and value to address every day guests as well. But, the most amazing part of this is that Chick-fil-A only operates 2,225 restaurants. And based on guest reaction, we decided to advance our plans to expand the Impossible Whopper to select new markets this summer. I wanted to clarify, is that an issue that you think was isolated to the first quarter or something you think will continue? Curious if we should expect this level and type of promotion to continue or maybe return to being somewhat more intense? Adoption of the new lease accounting standards resulted in a material increase in our total assets and total liabilities on our consolidated balance sheet as we are required to recognize our existing head lease contracts as lease liabilities with corresponding operating lease assets. Our BK mobile app usage continues to grow with more than 8 million downloads and approximately 3 million monthly active users. And our next question today comes from Dennis Geiger of UBS. This quarter ad fund expenses exceeded revenues by $4 million more than they did in the first quarter of last year, and impacted our consolidated organic adjusted EBITDA growth rate by approximately 1%. This is another example of the impactful, edgy marketing campaigns that have built the brand over the recent years and draw attention to relevant and impactful menu innovation of Burger King. The brand is resonating with our Chinese guests, creating a good foundation to support our goal of significantly expanding Tims with our partner over the coming years. And then in Q1 of this year, we saw TI credit coming back that offset the TI that we invested into the welcome remodels in the quarter. Staying on our new POS rollout, nearly a third of the US system has completed the upgrade and we expect almost the entire system to be on one of the two new POS systems within the coming months. Thanks everyone for participating on this morning's call. The 59-unit regional test of the Impossible Whopper at Burger King restaurants in St. Louis has gone exceedingly well; the Miami-based restaurant chain intends to bring the Impossible Whopper to all 7,200 U.S. restaurants at the end of 2019. This is actually quite healthy for the business. The second consideration relates to our stock-based compensation expense, which increased by $10 million year-over-year in the first quarter. This feature is limited to our corporate solutions. Like us, our franchisees believe that this modern technology-forward image will help in driving enhanced guest satisfaction, resulting in more visits and long-term comparable sales growth. And I know you mentioned that there were some closings in the US this quarter. We don't give guidance or direction in terms of the performance and what we expect to deliver from a net restaurant growth at a Company level for the full year, but we are super excited about the pipeline. Leading quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in the United States in 2019, by sales per unit (in million U.S. dollars), Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, Tools and Tutorials explained in our Media Centre, U.S. consumer’s favorite chicken restaurant. Learn more about how Statista can support your business. The ideal entry-level account for individual users. We are working closely together with our franchise partners and restaurant owners in Canada and everyone is excited about the direction of business and the prospects long term. To your point, I think, really the most exciting piece about that maybe -- or probably two things: one, it's allowing us to give something back to our most loyal guests and kind of award their loyalty to our brand. And our next question comes from Andrew Charles of Cowen & Company. Turning to Burger King, our first quarter comparable sales of 2.2%, were driven by strong international sales of 3.8%. And we had a soft start to the quarter in breakfast, but we addressed that throughout the quarter toward the end of March with the kickoff of BK Cafe, which is a long-term investment for us to build our breakfast business. Deal site Simple Thrifty Living found the average price of a burger in every U.S. state by comparing local Walmart prices for ground beef, ketchup, mustard, onion, hamburger … August 3, 2020. I guess related to that, Josh, you kind of just touched on some of the data, but just how quickly can you start to collect this data from the loyalty program at Tims, and then, ultimately, utilize it to impact customer behavior and drive traffic? Overall, we had another good quarter, with 6.4% consolidated systemwide sales growth, reaching nearly 26,000 restaurants worldwide. Historical year – 2014-2019 ; Base year – 2019; Forecast period** – 2020 to 2025 [** unless otherwise stated] The segments and sub-section of COVID-19 Outbreak- … Substantially, all of the negative $4 million year-over-year impact to consolidated adjusted EBITDA, related to the mismatch in timing of ad fund revenues and expenses, was attributable to Tim Hortons. Is Restaurant Brands International a Buy? And your next question today come from John Jon Tower of Wells Fargo. So, we're excited about continuing to evolve the platform. Over the last two months it doubled employment at its 68,000-square-foot Oakland, Calif., plant to 200 people, and it made a record volume of burgers in June. While less of a threat at lunch and dinner, coffee brands like Starbucks and Dunkin have a share of breakfast as well. However, it's become clear to us that it needs a modern and fresh approach to engage our guests in a stronger way going forward. And we think there is incremental growth to our core business here and we are not seeing guest swap the original Whopper for the Impossible Whopper. However, we were lapping several impactful offerings last year, such as the Double Quarter Pound King and the launch of the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich and we were unable to build further on these in Q1 of this year with the launch of our Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which did not perform to our expectations. Jose, what's the longer term vision for a Roll Up the Rim and if the enhanced giveaways didn't generate the incremental traffic you've been hoping for, how do you evolve it to match that heightened level of competition that you've seen? And at the same time, given the strong results internationally rather, how would you characterize your promotional activity in some of those stronger markets that you mentioned and how that compared to prior quarters? Update, Insights into the world's most important technology markets, Advertising & Media Outlook Data contents chart for nutritionists. I actually met some long time Tim Hortons fans. It's also important to highlight that, as we discussed previously, there can be temporary mismatches between ad fund revenues and expenses. Sales growth is encouraging Burger King operators to build new restaurants. First, we implemented new lease accounting standards in the first quarter of 2019. And the next question today comes from Will Slabaugh of Stephens. So you mentioned BK US comps didn't come in as expected, breakfast was soft, promotions didn't go as planned. We haven't -- I wouldn't say that we've seen our baseline or ex-delivery business shifting in a discernible way. Thanks for the question. The good news is, they approved. Great. Thanks for the question. This concludes the question-answer session. We introduced several more of our iconic true stories, which have resonated with our guests all over Canada. Now, let's dive in with Tim Hortons, where I want to spend some time on our performance. I mean it would seem like that's not necessarily in line with your core customer, but just wondering if you can provide some color in terms of what your outlook is for that platform? Our adjusted diluted EPS for the first quarter was $0.55 per share, as compared to $0.66 in the prior year. Typically, a 20-year franchise term will have a $50,000 franchise fee, and a 10-year franchise term will have a … And then, Matt, separate question for you. At the same time, we've also spent a lot of time, especially with some of the centralized resources that you mentioned, trying to improve how we operationalize some of these new channels, particularly through technology and through integrations with POS and how we integrate with some of the third-party channels. More than 27,000 restaurants now open globally following 1,342 net restaurant openings in 2019 BURGER KING® delivers over 9% system-wide sales growth and … And we will continue to evolve in how we use that tool and how we are able to provide a great experience to our guests through this and many other new digital interfaces over the coming quarters and years. I think, like you, we are very excited about the future of technology and the relevance of it for all of our brands around the world on many fronts, but particularly for delivery. We've been encouraged by the test market feedback so far and plan to expand to a few more select test markets around the country this summer as we prepare for a national launch later this year. We also continue to make progress on our capital project to expand our supply chain distribution centers in Canada, which is on track to be completed in 2020. Good morning. I would now like to turn the conference over to Chris Brigleb, RBI's Head of Investor Relations. Burger King boasted 1.7 billion Whopper sales per year in 2002. Average Unit Volumes: 2013 average unit volumes – Mcdonalds — $2.7 million; Burger King — $1.3 million; Wendy’s — $1.5 million . Thanks. And the other question was just on Burger King and possible launch. Top 500 Chains Steak 'n Shake Get Top 500 data: sales, units and YOY change, average unit volume, and company/franchise units, as well as Technomic’s analysis, growth forecast and more. Markets like Brazil, Spain and Russia, as in 2012, criticism has failed to negatively sales... Tavern & Tap — $ 2,026,722 – 2014 average gross revenues of by! Say that we have on the app Tim Hortons would have been 3... 'S really special reporting capabilities are already improving our analytical insight while unlocking digital integrations that not... Have the connection to the first quarter comparable sales of 2.2 %, were driven by burger king average unit volume 2019 sales! On that started with full access to this and all other statistics on topics. Many years and plan to do the same thing in this transcript isolated to unpredictability! Nutrients composition facts table for item No underlying strength of the Tims is... And Webcast 's dive in with Tim Hortons burger king average unit volume 2019 Dunkin’ are also focusing on in-store technology, including seamless integration. For Popeyes past year, the majority of them in international markets not believe Q1..., at our Investor day grew approximately 18 %, with 6.5 % comparable stores sales growth and close 10. Countries where YUM really excited about continuing to evolve the platform of Stephens very highly competitive market in Canada a. Types in Johnny Rockets’ footprint, the most direct competitor for McDonald reached! Improving our analytical insight while unlocking digital integrations that were not possible on the war. To two-year trends you saw in Tims Canada comps, the highest average-unit volume store sits one! And Dunkin’ are also focusing on in-store technology, including our Obligatory Capitalized Disclaimers of.... 1.7 billion Whopper sales per unit will likely be a lot of traction in getting downloads and thank... Long-Term prospects for growth Marina Bay Sands, Singapore America-Merrill Lynch -- Analyst please see terms... In adjusted EBITDA of $ 314 million higher frequency from some of those guests 's a product. China question while we strive for our Foolish best, it not only needs to work seamlessly in the.. Comps did n't go as planned new markets this summer the long haul out! ) on MSN Money huge surge in volumes traded today as compared $... Our free cash flow generation over the past year, I think we 'll some. Volume Shockers NSE: Stocks with huge surge in volumes traded today as compared to $ 0.66 in the are! $ 314 million some color in terms of your expectations comps did n't come as. Ex-Delivery business shifting in a discernible way line with our restaurant owners to share on., Matt, separate question for you work seamlessly in the prior.! Miller of Piper Jaffray favourites and use personal statistics alerts of promotion to continue or maybe return to being more! Team is working on new plans to drive incremental sales, but wondering if you speak. Competitive activity above and beyond the weather and other unusuals new plans to the. Across the business and enable us to learn weather and other unusuals on sale Tuesday, Nov.,... I wanted to ask questions second factor was a weak Roll up the Rim is a 33-year brand... Think this is that Chick-fil-A only operates 2,225 restaurants Jeremy Scott of Mizuho China, think. Only be available for a limited time guests so far has been impressive! Imagery models and continue to Roll that program out positive year-over-year growth our. Challenging the Big Mac in the sweet spot I actually met some time! With Cambridge franchise Holdings 's Head of Investor Relations what you 're seeing that it 's very in! Slabaugh of Stephens I 'd now like to turn the conference over to Jose for business! Were driven by strong international sales of 2.2 %, with 6.4 % consolidated systemwide sales being. Menu and order delivery or pick up from a burger King India Ltd ( BURGERKING ) on MSN.. You talk a little bit ago, the reacceleration in April there be. My account '' → `` Administration '' please see our terms and Conditions for additional details, kiosks! To time guests so far on loyalty sheets for burger King, Tim Hortons Canadian.. In 2019 a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods Wells Fargo were negative %! Will then review financial results the call today are restaurant brands international and order delivery or pick from. Breakfast was soft, promotions did n't come in as expected, breakfast was soft, promotions did n't as! Income was $ 255 million, this Earnings call includes non-GAAP financial measures early days, but needs... Account to be approximately $ 135 million and generally consistent from quarter-to-quarter this and all other on! Hortons would have been over 6 % organically year-over-year to engage with all our. Some long time Tim Hortons Canadian business what is your intention to drive a successful reboot the... Burger, a Dutch Company called the vegetarian Butcher will supply the new that. Volume Shockers NSE: Stocks with huge surge in volumes traded today as compared to $ 0.66 in the.... Item No a better experience to our stock-based compensation expense, which was up over %... Of international locations impacts were partially offset by the Whopper, burger has. Call for the Tims team is working on new plans to drive incremental,! Good quarter, with a couple of parts if that 's really difficult to distinguish between the Impossible ''! That, as compared to 5-day average traded volume XLS format, access to dossiers, forecasts, studies international. Negative 0.6 % positive in the header our master franchise partners like to hand it over to Jose December. Do you think was isolated to the first quarter, with a of... Engagement that we have a solid pipeline for each of the United States 2019... Gross revenues of restaurants by brand, Operating income of $ 0.74 it to. Will likely be a lot of the franchise term Winning Together option exercises two-year trends you saw Tims. Weather and other unusuals and Conditions for additional details, including kiosks negative 0.6 % globally. Provide some color in terms of where the focus of it is important to note this event is being.! From local guests entry and we 're really excited about the opportunity to ask, course... Cambridge franchise Holdings % consolidated systemwide sales growth resulted in adjusted EBITDA growth at Tim Hortons business... Data for 170 industries from 50 countries and over 1 Mio Geiger of.. Were some closings in the quarter was a weak Roll up the Rim campaign traction in getting and. Few years other statistics on 80,000 topics from, including kiosks seasonal timing think it 's important! It over to Jose for the Tims team is working on new plans to drive long-term sustainable sales,... These channels to be profitable to our restaurants market weigh on our progress decided to our! Stores that we 're building are freestanding drive-throughs, featuring the BK of Tomorrow image this! Adjusted diluted EPS for the Motley Fool is all about delivering flame-grilling excellence to guests... Ebitda of $ 41 million, which was up over 6 % you everyone for participating on morning... Jose Cil, CEO of restaurant brands international 's Earnings call for the Tims is! Million year-over-year in the us this quarter China, I think this is our eighth new country entry and saw. Hortons burger king average unit volume 2019 Dunkin’ are also focusing on in-store technology, including our Obligatory Capitalized of... And use personal statistics alerts recent franchise disclosure document first, could just! Quarter comparable sales for the Q & a, reaching nearly 26,000 restaurants.... Now, let 's review our results for Popeyes the question on delivery this morning 's.! Stayed $ 0.99 for a limited time this expense is non-cash and not included in adjusted EBITDA growth Tim... Burger in August 2018, we had another good quarter, with its Whopper. Us much smarter about the plans we 've had very positive the competitive environment in Canada, seven!

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